Developing Our Spiritual Senses

Sons Of Issachar

Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott – 

First the natural…

Our natural senses take time to develop. Hearing is one of the first to function, and we know that babies can hear sound even in the womb.The hearing nerve is connected to every organ in the body, except the spleen, and it even continues reverberating for a short while after death. But we only learn to begin to make sense of what we are hearing through constant repetition and practice.

Our natural sight improves gradually too. If I look at you, what actually happens is that light is being reflected from you and enters my eye. That projects an upside-down image onto the back of my retina, and my brain learns to interpret that as ‘you’.

But when we are first born, we can only see a few inches: just far enough to recognise our mother’s face, in fact. Over the…

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About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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