Transforming The Atmosphere

Sons Of Issachar

Mike Parsons
and Jeremy Westcott – 

I closed yesterday’s post by calling forth people’s destinies, to fulfil that purpose of God for their lives. That calling forth of destinies is something written on my own scroll. Fulfilling their destiny is important not only for the individuals themselves, but also for the church and the purposes of God going forward.

Everlasting Doors

Everlating doors in the atmosphere of the earthHere is a diagram showing the sphere in which we live, the sphere of the earth, and the atmosphere of the earth that is around us. Within that atmosphere there are principalities, rulers and powers. Then there are the heavenly realms.

Think of these as dimensions that are around us. Not linear, 1, 2, 3, going up, but dimensions that we can access by simply stepping into them. And between the atmosphere of the earth and the heavenly realms, there are everlasting doors. We read about them here:

Lift up…

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We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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