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As a Partial Preterist, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is regarding “The Millenium.” No, I don’t mean Han Solo’s ship, I mean that obscure passage in Revelation 20 which has divided Christianity into four differing factions (Amillennial, Premillennial, Post Millennial, and Historic Premillennial).

Although I have been a Partial Preterist for over ten years (ie. Matthew 24 and most of the Book of Revelation were fulfilled in the first century). I have taken years to determine which position I believe regarding the millennium of Revelation 20.

Even after all my study, I land somewhere between Amillennial and Post Millennial (I hold the symbolism of Amil, but the optimism of Post Mil).

Here is the section from Raptureless 2nd Edition, The Art of Revelation, in which I look in greater detail (Available on Amazon and Kindle).


Part 1 (Revelation 20)

I have studied the many views…

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