Michael Brown, Hyper Grace, and the Confession of Sin.

Disrupting Culture

There has been a heated debate going on regarding 1 John 1:9. The point of contention is whether a New Covenant Christian must confess sin to be forgiven.

This originated from Joseph Prince’s book, Destined to Reign, which was the genesis of many modern teachings on grace. Personally, I find Joseph Prince to be the only character on Christian TV that I can stomach. He is an amazing Bible Teacher; he exudes love and grace, and demolishes many wrong belief systems. I also read Destined to Reign a few years ago and found it to be very agreeable. I disagree with something in practically every book I read, so there is no reason to be nitpicky.

The First John 1:9 debate came up because Prince basically says that Jesus forgave all sin at the cross, past, present and future, thus we are already forgiven and should only confess that we…

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