Rapture versus Resurrection

Feasting at the King's Table

The idea that the church will be raptured out of this world at the end of this age was first introduced into Christian teaching in the latter part of the nineteenth century by John Nelson Darby (18 November 1800 – 29 April 1882), an Anglo-Irish evangelist, and an influential figure among the original Plymouth Brethren. This teaching then gained wide acceptance through the teachings of Dr C I Scofield. This doctrine was not taught by any of the early church fathers; as a matter of fact, the word rapture is not even in the Bible.

The idea of rapture, however, has great appeal, for such is to be preferred over the idea of one being able to enter the Kingdom of God only through much tribulation!

The fact that early apostles of the church understood that it is through much tribulation, is clearly seen in Acts 14:21,22:

And when they…

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