I Want To Memorize Your Face

Amanda’s writings are so so beautiful!


I want to share an experience that I had with the Lord on May 16th.  I didn’t realize that it has already been over a month because this image is so ingrained in my mind, in my spirit.  I was laying flat on my face worshiping Jesus.  Then suddenly, I saw Jesus.  I saw His face, so close.  I could see every detail of His face.  It was as if I could count the hairs on His face.  I could see every gold speck in His eyes.   He then took my hand and had me caress every part of His face.  He took my hand and placed them on His cheeks,  then over His nose, and His eyes….every line, every indention, every part of His face I caressed.

Then I looked into His eyes.  Oh, His eyes.  As my son, who is seven, described His eyes as an endless ocean, I…

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About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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