I sought the Face of LOVE

My GOD! My Father! My King!

The One Who is LOVE …

Without Whom I am lost,

Wandering, empty, groping

In longing, a voice from somewhere …deep within

… Long forgotten

Reaching, searching

To touch the face of Love


My GOD! My Father! My King!

Eyes blazing brighter than many suns

bathes me in it’s glorious


I cried out, ABBA! FATHER!

Sense of time and place disappeared

As I gazed enraptured into the face of

LOVE … into

It’s eternal depths … and swayed like

A fragile, delicate flower

As His gentle breath expels

Caresses of “My child, My beloved”

A fragrance beyond earth’s description

…   released in ecstatic worship …colors….light

wraps around my heart,

My entire being!

We were one!

My God! My Father! My King!

“My child! My beloved!”

Resounded like a passionate whirlwind

Encircling, enfolding, enveloping

Sweeping me up …

Into the depths of His heart

My Love! My Life! All Yours!

I’ve seen the face of love!


I wept and bowed in surrender and


My God! My Father! My King!

 Elizabeth Gomes


About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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