I was recently searching through some of my writings from between 2009-2011.  I had signed up for WordPress so long ago but never really did anything with it so finally I have decided to post some of my writings which at first, I used to think that they were just inspirational writings – which is good – but now I realize that Holy Spirit was burning something in my heart for His Bride.

S. Elizabeth Gomes


The face of the Bride is changing
She is waking up full of expectation
Her face is shining and her eyes are fixed steadfastly upon The face of Her Beloved
She cannot bear to take her eyes away from His passionate gaze
It draws her in…
Into His heart…
She soars higher, deeper, wider
Upwards, downwards, around and about into His heart
She moves to the ecstatic beat of His heart
She spins around and around and rests
The Voice of her Beloved trumpets and roars a wake up call
The Voice of her Beloved whispers softly, gently.

                       “My Bride! My beloved!
It is time, My betrothed.
Make ready your wedding garments
I am giving you Diamonds, Jasper, Sardius…
I have over shadowed you with My golden glory
You are exquisite to behold
I am ravished by your gaze
Our hearts beat together as one
My Bride! My beloved!”
Let our hearts release the sound of the drum beat of love
The Bride is being prepared for her wedding
Day and night and night and day

She watches, she waits, she arises…
She sleeps but her heart is awake
She is like a fragrant oil … overflowing
Her lamps burns brighter and brighter as the day of her wedding approaches.

“Who are these Burning Ones they ask

Who are these Shining Ones?

Who are these that blaze like fire?!!”

Song of Songs- Freddy Hayler



About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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