He awakened me with the kisses of His lips

With His arms out held…

He asks. “May we dance?”

My heart leapt to my eyes

And I whispered “I am lovesick for you

My beloved – I will dance the eternal dance of love with You.

I have never known such a love

He drew me close

My head upon His chest

I hear His heartbeat

My knees gave way

As every heartbeat sang

I love you I love you My bride, My beloved!

He was waiting for me

As He awaken me with the kisses of His lips

His arms outstretched

Palms red and burning

To draw me into His eternal dance of love.


{This is written from an encounter that I had when I awoke one day to find Jesus sitting by my bedside and He kissed me on my forehead – awake}



About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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