December 31 – 2013

As a friend of mine {Mercy} was quietly reading something I had posted, I began to see a pair of huge hands come out of the heavens and take hold of a person shoulders but the person seemed to be a gate also – like a gate person – and the hands were shaking it.

Looking into the vision again, I can see the person/gate being pulled up out of the ground- seems like when one is pulling up melted cheese from a pizza – the stringy pieces still attached to the piece in hand and the stringy piece still attached to the pizza.  I see as if windows on the person/gate are being rattled opened.

Wake up! Wake up! Come!  I see some things like nuts and bolts being shaken out – I can hear the rattling – wow!

Shaking out; shaking in; garments falling off;

All for love, desire…the shaking is because of love and for love and for His glory, His reign, His dominion ….wow! I can see like there are epicenters of shaking and wherever the epicenters of shakings are happening – it looks like when a stone is thrown into a calm lake and the ripples are spreading out wider and wider…..Limitless…unlimited…

I can feel the love…it is passionate! It is furious! I can see the person/gate that was lying limp in the hands coming awake and I can see one big hand caressing the head and drawing it into His chest.

I saw a woman stepping out or being taken out of a dirty soiled dress and it fell in folds about her feet – soiled garments; her self efforts; her own righteousness; her issues

I saw a man – small – and he was very angry and he was pushing a sort of wall or table down and he was roaring or shouting in rage and looking up at someone [I thought of the scripture – the enemy goes about like a lion seeking whom he may devour].  The little man had a whip in his hand and he started to beat someone lying on the ground. Then I saw a beautifully designed wall and from this wall was many windows like arches and from it flow beautiful blue waters like a waterfall.

S. Elizabeth Gomes


About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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