In October, 7th 2011, I was given this by our Father and I know that the time is NOW

There is an explosion happening


It is like a volcano belching warning signals

When it erupts {IT HAS ERUPTED} it would be like flowing hot fiery red lava – IT CANNOT BE STOPPED!

I can feel it in my bones. It’s almost as if my body is connecting with the rumblings of the earth – the thunderings of Heaven – almost like an awakening staggering drunkenness of the earth. Fires from sleeping volcanoes are spouting. Embers that have been lying dormant or flickering with life are coming alive again! I can see the burning ones with the spirit of Elijah running like Flash Gordon in the realm of the spirit. It is His fire that is being released; it is His intoxicating love wine that is being released; aged ancient wine; pure holy wine; a generation arising that will be love fires; holy fire; flaming fires; The burning cry of their heart is “ how far; how deep; how wide; how high; how low will You let me go – WE WILL!

I see us running as one – the ecclesia – such a blazing inferno that I can see the enemy cringing and scattering as these burning and shining ones run/move/ be. Their cloak is humility and all that can be seen is Christ in us, the hope of glory.

A new era has been opening – being birthed – we are not really influenced by the timeline of this world but by the times and seasons of the Kingdom of our Father.  His season; His era; has been opening like a flower, like a caterpillar cocooned awaiting flight.  It has started; it has begun. The breaking open of the Father’s heart has broken open the cocoon and flight has taken place.

He has been shifting things into place – the shift, the shifting has been taking place; has taken place; is taking place.

A sound from heaven has been released – a sound that is decipherable to those who have ears to hear – COME! There is breaking forth – a bursting – a birthing – of His Glory; of His Knowledge accessible to all – a generation – a people – sons and kings!

Can you hear your Father’s heart!  “THE BLOOD OF MY SON IS NOT A COMMON THING!”

Do you know what this means! COME! COME Closer! Be clothed in HIM!

Let the burning ones come forth!


S. Elizabeth Gomes


About Eccelesia of Burning Ones

We are His offspring! In Him we live and move and have our being.
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